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still harvesting.

still harvesting.

break over it's time to make an update video.
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Thud 1 year ago
Hey, what temperature and humidity are you curing at? You can control powdery mildew with 1 tsp H2Oc per Quart Water spray tops and bottoms of leaves. Then you must dip in stronger before curing it to actually kill it dead. I use a deep 3 Gallon Tree Pot with trash liner, and 32 Oz 35% H2O2. That's 11:1 H2O to H2O2. Dip, beat the stem to release trapped air, and dip fresh H2O and beat stems again same. Sling the H2O off, fan dry high speed 20 minutes, then hang to dry normally. Canola Oil and Water will wipe out White Powder Mildew as well. So will AzaMax with its oil carrier, which can be used during flower on mites and many bugs, up to the day of harvest. I sprayed AzaMax twice for mealybugs Week 5 of flower and week 6. Absolutely zero taste. Breaks down in UV. Food grade. Good stuff! Only one time did I ever trash a plant for white powder mildew, and it was totally prone top it, covered in snow while plants right next to it were immune. Skip that one.
bluhousegrow 1 year ago
nice lookin frosty buds keep up the good work happy growing