States Banning Delta-8

States Banning Delta-8



Published on June 04, 2021

States begin to ban Delta-8. Which States and what are the repercussions?

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LORDMOGY365 1 week ago
Thanks for the share.
dopedev420 2 days ago
Great video!
TechNoWeb 3 days ago
Delta 8 is sold everywhere here in FL. so i guess it's still legal here. i use delta 8 during the day and at night delta 9. i like the buzz delta 8 gives you it's mellow and i get good energy from it. in states where marijuana is legal i've read that the marijuana lobby has lobbied to have delta 8 declared illegal. i guess they don't want the competition but that hurts us the consumer. they should just regulate it like they do MJ. the marijuana ind is being run by some very rich powerful corps. even big tobacco is getting in on the action. in my state FL we have even though we have 8 or 9 companys/corp running dispensaries. 1 company has a near monopoly. i'm not big on regulation i think you need as little as posable. just enough that we the consumer are protected but not so muuch that it hinders growth or raises prices.
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