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start of week 9 day 57.....was gonna be harvest day

start of week 9 day 57.....was gonna be harvest day

Published on August 23, 2020
was gonna harvest but I explain
Category : Growing/Gardening
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That SUCKS, I completely understand, I have 6 disks that are falling apart! I use a 40% THC topical cream on the area's that hurts, CBD and THC tinctures, I make Cannabutter and cook with it or just use it on my food, like potatoes or toast! Find a nice strain with a good levels of THC and CBD to puff on every couple of hours as well! Try not to use the painkillers unless you have too! It is so easy for our bodies to become dependent to the many painkillers they give out! I have been on high doses of morphine for the last 20+ years and it is now impossible for me to come off of it, my heart and other organs just shutdown! I have tried twice while in hospital and both times my heart stopped and wont stay going on it's own! But with the help of cannabis I have been able to cut my dosing in half and stay stable! Another reason why I try to help others grow or find access to cannabis! I am sorry to hear that your in so much pain Wabbit, and wish you and yours all the best my friend!
sorry to hear about your back Gromie. The plants look very nice and happy. Hopefully your back is better soon.
SKEastCoast 2 years ago
So sorry about your back. My dad had to have back surgery last year. If I lived close by I would come over and help trim leaves. That would be so cool if we all lived in the same city. That red strain is so unique.
Aww mate, take it easy on that back! We only get one! haha. Seriously though, sorry to hear of the pain my friend. SK's right, it sure would be cool if we lived in the same city. Can any of us afford to buy an island somewhere with perfect temperature and humidity? And no Covid?! lol. We'd could move there and all be set then!!! Sure sounds like you have a lovely lady there, she's a keeper! I don't think mine would help me out like that, she doesn't really have any interest. We are quite different lol. Anyway I really hope your back is back to normal soon as. Take care buddy! Sending healing vibes :-)
Looking really good man, veg and flowering looks great! Nice of your lady to help you out while you are hurt. Sorry to hear man, hope you are back to full health soon!