Start of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000

Start of Flower / Mars Hydro SP3000



Published on November 13, 2020

Very start of our 12:12 Flower schedule for this next run. We are running 8 different strains and seeing how the health of our plants come out running the same nutrient schedule across the board and catering to the masses. This should be interesting....New giveaway coming in December, must be subscr

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Wabbit 10 months ago
plants are looking very good man, even the ones you messed up on your feeding schedule, you crazy investing that much time on males, normally they show sex well before then, take a look at my current video man, i go over the little signs so i dont waste time with male plants unless i want them, if you are planning on growing out those males get some pollen for sure to do some crossing, stay safe and happy growing
SKEastCoast 10 months ago
Plants look awesome! Mine are struggling compared to yours. The DS are huge. My new OJKxCB look like your Dragon Slayer plants.
Zoltrix Grower 10 months ago
Too bad about the males man, plants look great though, even with the mix up. New light looks good in there Jay
bluhousegrow 10 months ago
everything lookin great cant wait to see wat the buds look like happy growing
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