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Spider Farmer LED Grow Light (SF4000) Unboxing

Spider Farmer LED Grow Light (SF4000) Unboxing

Published on December 18, 2020

This episode started off as a regularly scheduled grow update as more f*ckery presented itself inside of my 4x8 grow tent within the past week and a half. throughout the episode my Christmas wishes came through as I announce my new LED sponsor Spider Farmer Grow Lights. I will be unboxing setting up

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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abacus 2 years ago
slim you're going to be very happy! I'm an electrical guy and I'm worried you've got a temperature issue at the top of your tent. high temps should be checked for with a thermometer. this could explain 2 lights dying in a short period of time
thanks for the update slim girls lookin good and that light looks badass happy growing
Thud 2 years ago
Hey Silky, The Spider Farmer LED Array is so sweet! YOU are a popular man! You need to shorten the original hanger cables. Those ropes are going to slide like Gremlins did it! Beware. Please review how many Watts you are using total.
Fretbuzz 2 years ago
♥♥♥ your videos, Silkyslim416! Happy Holidays my good man and may you have the KUSHIEST of New Years ;)
Constance 1 year ago
can you put on the amazon links here?

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