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SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH US! | Vlogmas | Bakedbeauty420

SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH US! | Vlogmas | Bakedbeauty420

Published on December 27, 2019

MERRY(day after)CHRISTMAS! In today's video we decided to do a little Vlogmas where you guys got to come spend christmas with us! We let you tag along on our night time Christmas Eve traditions. As well as waking up with us christmas day & unwrapping ourgifts to each other! I pretty much jus

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Category : Vlogmas
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dopedev420 3 years ago
Loving that pugs shirt!
Danielle757 3 years ago
your boyfriend is too sweet to you!! you know you were really high when you said ceiling instead of wall when hanging up the shelves
Leefhed 3 years ago
Love your vlog. Nice bong for Xmas u have. Great seshs with bongs and bangers. Great sweaters and muzic as well. So much fun. Thanx.
jayz 3 years ago
Love the vibe in your room and thank you for sharing you and Mac’s Kushmas with us ! I’m just as boring and got high all day then went to see the Star Wars movie
K3nna 3 years ago
I absolutely loved this vlog!