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hello goddesses ❥ welcome back to another episode of the SPECTRUM series ❥ honestly this video was supposed to be uploaded way earlier but life kind of happened as you all know by now ❥ anyways, I hope you learn some things about the color green and enjoy a nice good sesh with me ❥ do check
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Category : Education
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jacksonofficial 2 years ago
This is such a great idea! and awesome choices for songs!
FecoLeo 2 years ago
You asked us to guess what the special episode is... My guess is: Spectral Refraction (White and the rainbows that come from a prism). I always loved the word "verdant" for green. I find this SPECTRUM series interesting because the meanings you connect to the colors as well as the music you pick are nothing like I would have expected. I didn't realize there is such a diversity of interpretation in terms of what colors mean to people. For example, you say green connotes harmony and safety, while my first guess would have been sickness and envy. That being said, I've watched enough of your videos to know you prefer the positive side of things, so I guess the same goes for colors - I just wish my mind didn't jump to negative meanings. Thanks
.ickcf 2 years ago
love it! great stuff