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Special HippieButler Unboxing On EDIBLES!

Special HippieButler Unboxing On EDIBLES!

Published on June 05, 2019

Hey everyone! I just received a new box of smoking essentials from and wanted to have some fun and unbox them for you!I also took a few edibles so I almost might be a little bit lit ;-) In this unboxing you will find two really unique ceramic pieces and some accessories

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Category : WeedTube
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BoBuck 3 years ago
arend ive been watching you for awhile now and i have to admit you really helped me on my smoking journey. you dont know it but you were my first smoking buddy, the one that taight me to use a bong, and bowl. thank you man keep up the great content
Whatever edibles you’re on, I’ll have what you’re having
I have that mug and I love it, but it definitely needs a smojo or weed is in your mouth ❤
kevey 3 years ago
I've seen so many of those mugs and I've been so tempted to get one and try it out! "Did I do it? ...great I win" lmao xD
nepo em literally had me so freaking dead