Social Media : STORY TIME w/ Yola

Social Media : STORY TIME w/ Yola



Published on September 05, 2021
From making pictures with nugs and toys to telling stories....this is Social Media for me.
Guys, this is officially my first STORY TIME speciflically for The WeedTube....lets get started.
I wanna take you through this wild ass journey called my 20's... I started doing content as Dope As Yola in la
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modestokidd 1 month ago
this platform is kinda weird/new to me but ima follow yola wherever he take his content !! much love to everyone here
ArendRichard 1 month ago
As one of the co-founders of WeedTube and someone who has been deleted from many social media platforms, it's an honor to have you as part of the WeedTube community. And to all of you coming here for the first time to watch Yola, WELCOME! we are a small team of people trying to fight cannabis censorship online and doing our best to bring you the platform you all deserve. Thank you all for being here!
xAlien0G 1 month ago
Ngl weedtube is sick
Danny420° 1 month ago
Still gonna watch no matter where you post
MichaelCarloni44 1 month ago
Oh yea I think I’m going to like this app
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