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Smoking shop haul and new piece!! :)

Smoking shop haul and new piece!! :)

Published on November 22, 2021

Went crazy at the smoke shop and got a bunch of goodies!!!

Category : WeedTube
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"5:01 Why am I such a spaz?" Had me rolling!!! Awesome video! Awesome Haul. Sweet Bong! I enjoy Hauls, Storytime, ASMR with music (no whispering), Nature Vlogs, Hobbies, most content cost little to nothing to produce. We're just 1 soul among 7+ Billion, in which some have the ability to create and publish content, allowing others just a little window into who we want to project to the world. The stories we want to share. It's all Endorphins to me. None of us are promised tomorrow or the next minute. Why not leave something behind forever? So my question would be, What Is The Life Purpose You've Chosen For Yourself?
Piddlehead 1 year ago
Have you ever been to a weed convention? (or whatever they're called). Cons bring out the the small and large companies. The products we don't get to see. It looks interesting