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Smoking out of ALL my bongs

Smoking out of ALL my bongs

Published on February 01, 2019
Hai! I decided to smoke out of all my bongs after they got a bath so yeah. Like and Subscribe :)

IG & Twitch @janelle_uncensored

Poshamrk @j_uncensored

Etsy The Uncensored Stoner

Category : WeedTube
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kailee_cub 3 years ago
try smoking out of vegetables and fruits (:
Gravity bong video!!! It also conserves weed? ? I always do gravity bong rips when Iā€™m trying to save my weed till pay day!!;)
I relate to that weed as a person. I/it may not be the best when it comes to first impressions but when smoking/being smoked I/it come/s alive with vast beauty. I name some of my pieces but, some I just call by the color. All of your bongs are really cool looking and probably rip like champions.
hello, its a real life stoner. honest review. i fuck heavy with your attituide, girl you slay and bitch im only one minute in. plz respond ima be one of your ogs one of these days when theweedtube grows aight ima go pack a bong rip and unpause the vid. i like ur shit