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Smoking and talking about WeedTube and D.Tube

Smoking and talking about WeedTube and D.Tube

Published on June 06, 2018
In this video me and Ben are smoking on some Do-si-dos and Guava in a mango hemp blunt. I talk about my switch to theWeedTube and D.Tube because of the recent account banning on YouTube. I had a cannabis based YouTube channel with 23,000 subscribers and over 5 million total views, all of which was s
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ryan 4 years ago
Creators make money here, have to hit 1k views and the pay out is more than anywhere else. Dtube also has an acceptance period. It's very different
muravushka 4 years ago
Man thanks a lot for the info about DTube! I clicked youre video and fkng cannot stop watching it :) You speak funny and i can understand you :) Thanks for doing stuff like this! Sub!