smoke session  with kenny

smoke session with kenny



Published on April 15, 2021
smokin and talkin about the importance of noticing a problem medically wrong with you and gettin checked out for your health
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base79 3 months ago
Smoking on some mandarin cookies. I can totally relate to this story bro I have crohn's disease and my problems have been acting up lately too. I've had that same procedure done myself but the doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy this time. I've had 2 before with polyps taken each time. Part of the deal. I do what my dr says. I trust him and I think that's important too to have that trust. You will be fine bro. Probably just a cyst. Prayers up for good measure. Keep taking care of yourself and stay positive bro!
SKEastCoast 3 months ago
I'm ad at dentists for lying to me my whole life about toothpaste. Don't ever put 100% trust in the information doctors or dentists give you. I found out about ten years ago that Flouride makes your bones have a weaker tensile strength. That makes it easier for acids to eat into your teeth to cause cavities. Flouride is a highly toxic poison. Workers have to wear a level 4 chemical hazmat suit just to handle the barrels. When I was a little kid I cried when they put that fluoride tray on my teeth. Now I know why. My body was trying to tell me back then that this stuff was bad. So, for about five years after that day I only brushed with water. Before I brushed with toothpaste everyday and had about five cavities. After I stopped using toothpaste no more cavities. My exwife used to brush five times a day and gargle mouthwash about ten times a day. And, she had fourteen cavities. The government used to tell us that weed was bad for you too. Lots of bad information out there.
Zoltrix Grower 3 months ago
Smoking on my mimosa a la creme. Good message Kenny, hope everything turns up alright. made me think though, been putting off the checkup with covid but maybe it's time. Thanks man, take care!
HiJenTea 3 months ago
I'm smoking on some do si dos. Like the square dancing song grab your partner and Do Si Do. lol My whole life I was told if you are dying or giving birth then go to the hospital if not you will be fine. I also grew up without insurance. Its a hard mindset to let go about getting help or worrying about how much it will cost. Your right about getting checked out if you feel something wrong. Its better to get it checked out then wait until its the most horrible pain you have felt then go to the ER. Took me a while to realize that. Man I hope everything goes well with your test results. Just know you have a great group of weedtube friends who will help out when asked. Take care Kenny.
Highseeker 3 months ago
Hi Kenny - Im smoking on some Pink Lemonade. Words of wisdom! I think men especially don't want to face the fact that they are human and things can go wrong. We all want to be strong and anything else is weak. You absolutely must look after your health. If weird stuff is going on....go and get checked out. My father was a 1940's man. A man who could break his leg and wouldn't take a single pill. He hated Doctors too and never went. He started having some man problems and just equated it to getting older. Well things got worse. It turned out he had ignored prostate cancer for two years!! Hard lesson for him but a good one for me. The only one who will advocate for your well being is you. I wish you all the best my friend and thanks for sharing such a personal but IMPORTANT message.
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