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smoke sesh/mukbang attempt

smoke sesh/mukbang attempt

Published on January 12, 2019
so chiv saw someone answered weed tube's question wanting mukbang videos so here's her attempt

1box of pastaroni butter and garlic

1 cup of caramel coffee with dunkin donuts extra extra creamer

Category : Vlog Life
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that's what we do over here on those stoner kids is keep it real haha and def. I'll be working soon so we will have money for foods galore maybe even do a couples mukbang :3
gardenbabe 4 years ago
Love this vlog felt so relatable for me! When you're a stoner I feel like any food could turn into a Mukbang haha so I think you should do another but with your favorite snacks ^_^. Oh and girl lol I bite my nails like it's my job but I also work with animals so I don't really need them to be long luckily!