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Smoke And Chill Garden Update 8-12-20

Smoke And Chill Garden Update 8-12-20

Published on August 12, 2020

Smoke and garden update.

Music: Pipe Guy - Live Dub Dreams

For a discount on seeds from ILGM use this link:

Donations can be made through Zelle. My bank is Bank Of America. Use my email address.

Email: [email protected]

Seeds are available to

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Very nice! Girls looking good!
dope vid brother I'm ready to order my grow tent lol
Good puff mate, cheers! Great to see the butterfly clones coming along now too, stubborn things. But you mastered it! Good luck with the hedge and remember, take it easy. No overdoing it! lol :-)
Looking good SK! That a new pipe? Looks different, I like it though. I hear ya on strains, I have been accumulating a handful of kinds and really just want to grow them all now haha. Your seed video was good, hit trending too! Congrats man! Have a great day, happy growing!