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Smoke And Chill Garden Update 6-27-20

Smoke And Chill Garden Update 6-27-20

Smoke and chill and garden update. Twtgc.

The Alien Dawg and GodfatherOG are from Pacific Seed Bank. The Wedding Cake are from ILGM.

Intro: Sword Art Online (SAO)

For a discount on seeds from ILGM use this link:

Donations can be made through Zelle. My bank

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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TherealDutchman 2 years ago
Dude only takes one to infest your grow...going outside and then venturing into your grow room one or two can accidentally brought in and next thing you are infested... Depending how bad it is determine what to do next...going organic try mercenary from cultured biologic great stuff.. I ended up chopping my crop down...starting over again back when I had mites...nothing would completely eliminate them...except that...see you soon..hope this helps
TherealDutchman 2 years ago
Onisbudz 2 years ago
Boom looks great!
Bitterheartless 2 years ago
dude I'm sorry about the mites,what are you spraying them with? you need to hurry and get something to kill them before it ruins all your plants.. fuck spider mites ughhhhhh good luck
ZoltrixGrower 2 years ago
Holy that's a huge black berry lol. The stuff you used to fix the floor cracks, what was it and is it water resistant? I have a couple cracks in mine I'd like to fix. Sorry to hear about the mites, they are one of my biggest garden fears lol. I've read some insects don't like when the plant is sweet from feeding molasses, I wonder if that is the case with mites, I can't remember exactly what I was reading on. I had a nice wake and bake while watching, thanks for the morning entertainment SK! My kids were big Dora fans and you made me think of her lol, "Great job! You did it!" lol. I can't wait to start some of your seeds, almost have a few times before realizing how long they would be in veg for lol. Have a great one man, Happy growing happy smoking!

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