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Small buds

Small buds

Published on April 22, 2020

Buds are in 8 weeks of growth n small

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Any chance you have a sativa that will go like 12 weeks? pot looks plenty big. What are you feeding them for flower? and how often? what are the dry times like inbetween? what is the RH in the room? I can't really see the leaves well, it's only giving me 480p right now. wasn't sure if I saw blotches or pixels lol.
are they the same strain or unknown strains? what kind of notes? was it the same distance from the light as the other? just curious bud
BadGranny 2 years ago
Wow BlueHouseGrows, where do we start? a million questions and variables, but my first guess would be, you sprayed it with something when it first started to flower and bud development just stopped, I've done that to myself on the whole dang crop when my friends recommended green cleaner as a EPIC PM in my garden... and they all just STOPPED building buds, I like to Die, haajaaahaaahaa just another good lesson!! honestly my friend you know your plants better than I , you are doing a great job, one thing I did notice in your flower room was your fans, maybe try turn it down a bit, ladies do get wind burn and over activity makes for smaller buds also, keep up the great work my friend!!
carlosm42 3 weeks ago
the same happened to me, it's a sativa, the others that I planted together are in order, but only one has thin buds, mine is also in the 8th week of flowering, for sativa it's up to 12 weeks, but in my experience in the 8th week it was supposed to be quite fat, I've already accepted that it won't get fat anymore, I think I'll pick it up, because it's very resinous, but it's thin