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ShoutOut Vid for your support with some smoking!

ShoutOut Vid for your support with some smoking!

Welcome back to my channel! Shout out to Devsrios2 for being the first subscriber from the FunSize tribe to subscribe and make it over to my IG. Special thanks goes out to him and of course to everyone else and your support along the TWT journey. I have more info in my Bio it you are ever interested

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Category : Vlog Life
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Luca Pandobar 1 year ago
On God this vibe is a huge vibe, would genuinely love to see more content like this so keep it up! If you want more followers comment #jiply on my latest video, Also you can send a video of you taking a hit via insta @inorpuss to get shouted out!
Devsrios2 1 year ago
hell yeah. ill send some clouds back when I make my next vid!

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