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Should you grind your Weed??

Should you grind your Weed??

Published on October 11, 2020

Hello Buds, I'm coming at you today with another tips and tricks video, somehwhat lol. I basically just have a sesh with you all and cover all the topics involed with grinding your weed and why you should and shouldn't grind your buds up. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and leave a

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budbart 1 year ago
Another very nicely done. A lot of thought went into that. Although I haven't tried the other methods of chopping, I really think the grinder method, especially with the kief catcher is the best. A couple of lingering questions: is it better to grind a bud up ahead of time? Or is it better to leave the buds in tact until you're ready to use them? Maybe sometime you could revisit the whole storage issue and how long you can keep the bud stored before it loses its potency. Maybe different strains have expiration dates? Are there expiration dates in the jars you get from Truleve, for example? Hope you'll do some more strain reviews sometime, too. And how about edibles? That's a major series you could do as well as how to make your own, especially for cooking illiterates (like me). Anyway, there are some more ideas for future topics. Good stuff, Blazed. You always have very interesting and well-done videos. Thanks for going to all the trouble. Your fans appreciate your efforts. Peace.
LQny2005 1 year ago
kitchen utensils
Vitae 1 year ago
Always prefer to grind it. It just makes it so much easier to smoke. Didnt know you could use a coin to do it too, learned something new today.

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