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SHMOKING *5* HELLA STRONG THC-O PRE-ROLLS | Eighty Six Brand Drip Series

SHMOKING *5* HELLA STRONG THC-O PRE-ROLLS | Eighty Six Brand Drip Series

Eighty Six Brand: ~CHRISSY for 20% Off~

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My Website: https://www.chrissyha

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Category : Reviews
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cmntImg 1 month ago
i cant wait for idaho to legalize
medcan 4 weeks ago
so happy and cheerfully. great video , so much info. thank you x
moongirl1125 1 month ago
I LOVE how you apologize for blowing the smoke in my/our face lolol
Holiday13 3 weeks ago
Do you ever roll blunts
MrsCannaBliss 1 month ago
okay so I want to try thco so bad but I have such a low tolerance even though I've been smoking for 3 years, when I smoke out of my chillum I take like five or six hits out of it, when I smoke a joint I'm lucky to get five hits off of it when I smoke off of my puffco I take three or four hits and I'm done if I smoke too much I green out really easily and I start to panic and someone said that it's not like that with thco they said you could literally smoke as much of it as you want and it's not going to do the same thing as Delta 9 it's just going to make you trip so I don't know whether I believe that or not LOL

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