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sensi box part 2 the smoke twtgc

sensi box part 2 the smoke twtgc

Published on November 04, 2020
smoking out a sensi box product
Category : WeedTube
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Oh SHIT the cat pipe has transformed you to a cool cat! Lol....Love the pipe bro, that a new meaning to that the cats ass! LMFAO! Ha ha ha! Good smoke report Kenny! Love the sense of humour you always have! Stuffing the kitty! Ha ha ha! Shit man you kept me laughing throughout the video! Keep up the great content my friend! I have A new video out on my new veg tent from my sponsor and Secret Jardin! Really interesting new tents coming out from them! You get to pick and cut out where you want your ducting and cable flanges! Also has a great rack system for stopping the tent walls from being sucked in that also doubles for a trellis netting rack too! Anyways Kenny keep it green and stay frosty!
cmntImg 2 years ago
you touched the butt
SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Even funnier if the mouth was the carb hole. Lol.