Seedling & Germination Methods For Beginners!

Seedling & Germination Methods For Beginners!



Published on October 12, 2021


Today we talk germination, seedlings and watering methods we are currently doing for early stages of auto life! What are your "go to" methods! Share with us below so we can all learn and grow together!

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Fretbuzz 1 month ago
I have used the paper towel method and I have been using Rockwool cubes for my last few hydro grows with ok results. I am using Rapid Rooters for the first time and so far the success rate is much higher with these. There are a ton of variables at play: Water, soil quality, temp and humidity stability, amendments/nutes?, are you using a scuff box or presoaking your seeds?, and the #1 (imho) GENETICS. There is a lot of bro-science and people will argue to the death that their way is the best just to be right... My attitude is "Fuck it. I won't marry any of them but I will date all of them". If it works then sign me up. Be cool my Growmies ;)
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