Season 2 (Week 3): LST in Supersoil

Season 2 (Week 3): LST in Supersoil



Published on January 09, 2020

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With the girls growing faster than ever before, it's time to keep them low and wide so every bud gets some light. So buckle up because

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whistler 1 year ago
I do not believe that plastic pots cause root bound issues. It is simply how you water, how often you water, that determine rootbound issues. In no ways, does a specific type of pot encourage root bound issues. My opinion as an experience gardener. thanks.
SKEastCoast 1 year ago
Eventually you might realize that fabric pots and velcro tape are the way to go. Less harm on the plant and more places to tie down the plant. Plastic pots will cause root bound issues. Fabric pots allow air pruning on the roots. There's no wrong way to bend the plant. But, I prefer to cut off the top at that size and train the branches instead of the main stem. It's also a whole lot easier to move the velcro strips as the plant grows compared to wire. Check out my early video "LST & Garden Update 9-02".
LincRose 1 year ago
What have you found is the best wattage and height for different stages using the tsw 2000? I recently purchased 2 mars hydro tsl 2000, and have been experiment with different height/power combos and haven’t Quite found the sweet spot. And Insight would be greatly appreciated!
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