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Season 2 (Week 2): How To Treat Heat Stress

Season 2 (Week 2): How To Treat Heat Stress

This video is meant for ages 21+.

Beginner BUDZ does not condone any illegal activities. Our channel is merely meant for educational and documentary purposes.

With a broken piece of equipment, week 2 was off to a bumpy start. Check out how, with a little bit of research, we were able to get things

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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.ickcf 2 years ago
great stuff love to see it
BlueBananas 2 years ago
I suggest you get a PAR meter to accurately know how much light you are giving your girls. manufacturers rarely say anything about how much light to give your plant or they just give inaccurate information Because like you said in the video the plants need different amounts of light at different stages and the fact that leds are not just used for cannabis.

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