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S2 Garden Harvest

S2 Garden Harvest

Published on June 18, 2022

We did it boys, we made it. Season 2 is behind us and we went home with a solid take this time. In this video were going to go over all the strains we grew, the differences between all of them. We're going to taste test each one live! I'll give you my pros and cons and what I think of the breeders and

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Infalung77 7 months ago
right on Wojy really good video when you said that you f***** up and stepped on your timer but didn't realized that it had happened for the first time since I've been growing back in 1975 I f***** up this grow then I'm doing now I had a light leak and two of my b i g g e r looking plants hermied on me and had to get them out of there I still got three smaller ones I've got a Godfather OG crossed with crunch berries that I got from SK East Coast I wish the grand prize winner and has seed contest I've never done that before been a grand prize winner it was pretty cool actually give me all kinds of shitt