Root Rot & Hydro Guard Growing With Kush Santa

Root Rot & Hydro Guard Growing With Kush Santa


Kush 420

Published on August 29, 2021

MarsHydro FC-6500 Review! The FC-6500 is a new full spectrum LED grow light from industry leader Mars Hydro. In this video I show you the features of the light, LED grow lights are evolving every year and this new grow light is setting the standard for indoor grow operations. I give my first impress

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ProudCanadianCannabis 1 month ago
So you decided to get the hydro guard I told you about for your root rot issue eh!? How's the hydro guard working out for you? It should solve it for you! You should get some microbial mass to throw in there after you get the root rot in check! it will give you a huge explosion of fresh new roots! That hydro guard usually works fast, it looks like you have some new white roots coming already! Let me know if it works out for you Lucas!
parisjraven 1 month ago
Such a chill relaxing video!
Exoticpackdepot 1 month ago
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TheChronicThumb 6 days ago
Hey ya Kush. hows things? I sent you an email. just wondering if you had time to read it yet?
TheChronicThumb 3 days ago
hey Kush! haven't heard from you. i sent you another email. let me know when you get it. thanks man
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