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Rolling Papers and I'm back!

Rolling Papers and I'm back!

Published on March 10, 2021

Hello Buds I'm finally back after a short break, I apolgize for taking so much time to post but today I'm officailly back with my Rolling Papers video. I do hope your back on my channel and enjoying todays video, Thank you for watching be sure to comment below and remember to Stay Blazed, St

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budbart 1 year ago
Great to see you back. Was wondering how that accident affected you -- obviously a lot. Hope you didn't have trouble with weed and the accident, but you're legal, so that helped, I'm sure. Anyway... interesting video. Enjoyed your excellent explanations and descriptions. Looks like you go through a lot of product using joints as opposed to a bong. Looks like it keeps burning when you're not puffing , so... that must be wasted in the air. Enjoyed your graphics. And thanks for mentioning what you were smoking. Do you mix the blends in one joint (or bowl) or keep them separated. Anyway... no apologies necessary! You're doing great. Always enjoy it when you "ramble" when high. It'; surprisingly coherent and always fun and interesting. Thanks for the work you do. Be well. Be safe. Heal and chill. Peace.
dopedev420 1 year ago
I'll take anything if it's "RAW" Lol I love RAW
Leefhed 1 year ago
Great info. We like cones. We even have a cone filler made by Raw™️ I was hop in’ u we’re going to roll one. Oh well. Must try those rice papers