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Rolling My First Blunt!

Rolling My First Blunt!

Hey Friends! I finally rolled my first blunt! It looked funny, but it tasted so good! This will be the last of firsts for a while!

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Category : New Tubers
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weedanwine 4 years ago
You didn't have enough weed to roll that sized wrap tightly. If you cut down the size of the wrap, then you would've been able to roll it more tightly. You could easily put 3-5g in a wrap that size. Also you need to lick way more to get them to stick, like loads more.
zombiewoodman 4 years ago
i fw your page keep it up
the-stoned 4 years ago
Hello :) im new to all this. Im trying to gain subs :) maybe you enjoy my content enough to sub! Thanks for uploading!