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Rocket Seeds Unboxing?? Let's grow

Rocket Seeds Unboxing?? Let's grow

Published on April 22, 2021

Welcome back buds, today is a unboxing I never expected to do on my channel.Twt collabed with Rocket Seeds and sent out some epic boxes that I'm beyond hyped to have. There was some epic merch and items in the box as well as none other than some seeds. Be sure to check out the video for all the

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Cheers! That is a rad starter collection!
budbart 1 year ago
One of the most interesting programs ever. Never have I ever even thought about growing my own -- not because of the legality but because I have no gardening aptitude. I will be following your exploits carefully. Maybe you can tell us about how your "friend" does growing and show us his progress. Wink. Always appreciate you telling us what you're having and what the THC content is. You always seem to have different strains. Does that mean you can buy whatever you want at the store? Or do they never have the same strains twice? Is there anything you have had that you have repeated for your own enjoyment (not on camera)? Watched it all. "Rocket" Love the rocket bong (especially since I can see the rockets shortly after launch on the Space Coast. Look north. Great show. Thank you, as always. You're the best. Hope you get a car soon. :-( Know what a mess that has been. Cheers! Thanks.
cheers! happy earth day! hope you enjoyed your day. stay positive, stay medicated <3