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review of Hawaiian Haze Shake from tweedle farms

review of Hawaiian Haze Shake from tweedle farms

Published on October 22, 2019
Category : CBD Life
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SKEastCoast 3 years ago
I try to only use pain relieving stuff after I've tried stretching, some rest and whey protien drinks. I believe in CBD. I just don't want to have the same mindset that some of my old friends have where they only rely on pain relieving meds and they don't ever take care of their bodies. That only puts a band-aid on the problem instead of fixing it. Pain meds should not be your first and only choice when you feel pain. That only creates a downward spiral. I've taken a few weight lifting classes in college and I used to sell vitamins for a year. So, I know a little bit about this stuff. If you have tried all of those other things then it's ok to try pain meds. Love your body. Don't ignore it.