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Resolution Colorado Honest Review!

Resolution Colorado Honest Review!

Published on January 22, 2020

An honest review of resolution Colorado, and damn it tastes great! lol jk, but this is an honest review of my first time using Resolution Colorado! I love this stuff, all my pieces look brand new and it was the most easy, least messy way to clean the thick res off your pieces! My boyfriend and I too

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lolol my man always starts without me
elmwoods 2 years ago
Thank you so much for subbing to my channel! I watched your free weed dispensary haul a while back and absolutely fell in love with your vibe. You seem so sweet. I subbed because I accidentally hadn't yet <3 Keep it up with the content.
Im so behind on video XD. So glad to finally be watching this. I wish resolution was easy to get your hands on here, I need it! :p I wanted the bubbler version of the salem, but conversion rates to canadian and shipping prices made it far too expensive :(. Great video as always ♥