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Resin St. Garden

Resin St. Garden

Published on March 01, 2020

Update on the new box garden. Seedling update and artwork.

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My email is [email protected]

Category : Growing/Gardening
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dude you are going to hurt yourself be careful...awesome jump buddy....I usually put an oscillating fan on my seedlings after a few to build stem strength works great but gotta keep eye to not let em dry out too much but never need a stilt or anything since they are not leggy from oscillating fan..see you soon
dang when you spoke of biking I didn't expect bmx lol. I was a fan of dirt jumps, didn't have to turn part way through lol
that taller scraggly plant would be a perfect candidate for some cool training. Could wrap them around the pot or something to fill in and thicken. be a neat project haha. nice video man!
How's the humidity in the Resin St garden mate? If it's quite high, you could sort two things at once (cold as well) with a smallish dehumidifier? I don't have a name for my gardens. Nice ramp and jump!!! I think you held your breath for too long though as your head turned blue hahaha. You're a generous fella, always thinking of what you can share with your friends. Awesome my friend, totally awesome!
looks good SK, the build works! I must be one of the few without a garden name haha Couldn't think of a good one not used already haha