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Reiki session for you✨

Reiki session for you✨

Published on July 03, 2021
Hello beautiful souls! I am so excited to be sharing and creating Reiki with you all through the Weedtube.All of these Reiki sessions I will post will forever be rooted in love and are timeless so you can receive the Reiki anytime you view a session on my channel. It is an honor to create these sess
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Category : New Tubers
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dopedev420 1 year ago
I hate to stop this just to type this out but this is so amazing!! My very first Reiki session and from my throat and up I feel so lite and a bit of chill/breeze on those parts that we have worked on (currently on throat still) - But when you said the mountains are calling I about jumped out of my seat!! In June I went and took a trip to both Moab, Utah and also The Great smoky Mountains - I'm actually going back t The Great Smoky Mountains in two months and I can not wait! - Now back to the session :p