Quick FAQ'S With your Fairy_Bongmother(pt1)

Quick FAQ'S With your Fairy_Bongmother(pt1)



Published on April 16, 2021
Please be Warned!!
This video contain content that is not suitable for children & is intended for adults only. Due to the nature & content in this video, Viewer desecration IS advised.

Please, join me as I answer some Fans & smoke some fire.
Category : Why I Smoke Weed


Fairy_Bongmother 1 month ago
Hey Blazed Beauties-- feel free to ask any more questions below.
alexlikes2laugh2 1 month ago
Hey @Fairy_bongmother!! I follow you on IG I believe or did on my old account. So, the reason why I'm reaching out to you is because I am currently working on an Ethnography project, studying the type of literacy that takes place in the Cannabis Community, and I wanted to see if you would be down to have me interview you and your participation on this platform. It will probably be a short interview, and it could all be through text/comments/emails/zoom, or whatever works best for you. Plus let me know as soon as you can, and if I don't get a response from you I'll be reaching out to you through IG. Just in case you don't check this as often. Hope this peeks your interest, and I will highly appreciate any time you give me. Hope to hear from you soon!!
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