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Questions You Should Be Asking Your Budtender (PLUS a free download!)

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Budtender (PLUS a free download!)

Overwhelmed at the dispensary?

Watch for 10 important questions to ask your budtender so you walk away with products you really love.

Download the Free Checklist of Questions:

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My Website: eleva

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Category : Education
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MrsCannaBliss 1 month ago
so I really love your channel! I was on antidepressants for years, started with Wellbutrin, then Lexapro, then I was on Prozac for a few years then off of it for a few years then back on it for a few years and finally Zoloft, which was HORRIBLE! I finally said forget it and started using cannabis solely for my depression and anxiety and PTSD symptoms and I feel so much better than I ever did on the antidepressants, I felt like a zombie all the time and had no idea how to cope with anything, something I have learned to do since being off the AD's... Cannabis has not only helped with all of that but it has helped with my Crohn's and lupus , female issues and thyroid issues too! keep up the great work! I just started my own channel to try to do my part in helping the industry grow! thank you for the videos! they have been super helpful ❤️❤️❤️ much love
MapleSyrup 3 weeks ago
Great points, though I also think we should be realistic - it's yet another business, for example most restaurants even the most expensive ones don't throw away mildly spoiled food, instead they reuse it in creative ways. People shouldn't expect from cannabis shops a lot more honesty, which is why the best weed is the one you grow yourself.
dopedev420 1 month ago
Great upload!

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