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Quartz Crystal Mindscapes -- Crystalline Ocean Waves (1hr Version)

Quartz Crystal Mindscapes -- Crystalline Ocean Waves (1hr Version)

Published on November 16, 2022

I release music and hypnosis tracks under several different artist names. In 2017, I decided to create an Indie Record Label as an "umbrella unit" for the lot of them.

In 2021, YouTube initiated its Right to Monetize all content on the platform without paying the user unless said user's channel was a

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Category : Music
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You may have noticed that with this upload, the viewing requirements for new upload acquisitions have also changed (please check this channel's About page). There are very good reasons for this. 1. I am primary Carer for an ill family member 2. We are now moving into a time period with "medical adventures" scheduled for both of us; so I need a bit of "breathing space" whilst we deal with the medical system. 3. This is the only platform I've joined, where my views are growing faster than my subscribership; so I'd like to concentrate on growing my tiny little "WT Family" for a while, rather than continue a "content flood", which won't help me reach my current minimum 10K subscriber goal. I know this platform has over 200K members; and I need some of that following here. Will you help me, as helping me gets you more entertaining/wellness content?