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Q&A With SilkySlim416

Q&A With SilkySlim416

Published on August 24, 2020

In this episode of Growing Kush I tackle another first time task of doing a Q&A session and responding to past comments & questions from you the viewers.

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Category : How To & Tutorials
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Ayyyy a Q and A! Love it!
great video thanks for all the information keep up great work silky slim 416
Ya coming across with some good information I must be old as well as old school I could never put prime buds in food grinder cut that shit by hand. Back in the day are you smuggle columbo up to Toronto 1975 7677 what will you guys head up there back then was straight up Mexi-gag when I brought the gold or red my dog’s went wild I wonder if they house still there it was a big old house with 6 guys that were students at University of Toronto Their house was on Young street like a block off of Broadway
Oops I wasn’t done yet I like your videos you have a good personality check out some of my videos by the way I’m hollering at you from Detroit

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