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Pumpkin Bong Year 3!! Most trippy bong yet

Pumpkin Bong Year 3!! Most trippy bong yet

Published on November 02, 2020

Happy Halloween everyone, so this video is going up a few days late but on halloween this year I smoked on a pumpkin bong again! This year got really trippy and inventive, so I do hope everyone enjoys this video, please leave a comment and like below and subscribe to my channel. Thanks guys, Stay Bl

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budbart 2 years ago
Amazed at the Haze, BlazedxDazed. PUMPKIN. What a great video. Loved the little lightbulb that popped on the screen next to your head. Really had to laugh at that. Great fun to see you work with the power tools and solve the sealing issue. What great fun to see you really get into this session. No way could I be trusted to try that myself. I'd drill a hole in my hand for sure. Just wondering if you had any taste from the pumpkin or whether in functioned as a regular bong? In any case, really was a lot of fun to watch you do this and to see the joy on your face as you made it work. Good for you. Thanks for a great show and tell. Even better than last year! Peace.
new_stoner 2 years ago
I love your videos! It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here (life’s been crazy) but I’m so glad to see you’re still posting. I’ve always enjoyed watching your vids(:
SinsaneLove 2 years ago
just started following you and love the vids!!