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Pumpkin bong? NO! WATERMELON BONG!

Pumpkin bong? NO! WATERMELON BONG!

So, the day before this I was in a car accident. I'm really trying to just get all of the footage edited and uploaded so I can get it off my phone so I can post regularly again. I'd super appreciate if you have this video a thumbs up, comment down below, and go find me on my other scocial media! It h
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Category : Education
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FecoLeo 2 years ago
Yum, watermelon! Thanks for spilling the tea. TLDR: Sh*t, No!, F*ck Ouch! So glad you are ok!
wakeandbakewithmaryjane 2 years ago
oh my :( sending love and hugs. looks sore !
Leefhed 2 years ago
Ouch! Feel good soon Biscuit. That looks narly
Biggchunx 2 years ago
that damn rain but geeezus glad you guys are ok❤ niiice video btw and damn thank goodness for that seatbelt...sending good vibes over your way ;)