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Powder Nutrients VS Liquid Nutrients - Differences, Similarities & Which Is BETTER

Powder Nutrients VS Liquid Nutrients - Differences, Similarities & Which Is BETTER

Published on February 09, 2020

A quick discussion about growing nutrients and the two main types; powders and liquids today on Lex’s World.


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Category : Growing/Gardening
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I thought you grew with chicken shit? The problem with powders is it kills soil and coco cation exchange capacity. I grew in coco with powders and would have salt buildup problems near the end of flower if I didn’t flush I even a week with a tea or molasses water.
andujar9464 2 years ago
I was looking for the powdered pH down on your Amazon store. Couldn't find it . HMU with a brand if you got the time.
I grow commercial and at home (check my channel). I use Advanced Nutrients, Master Line except for Bud Factor X & Flawless Finish. Cost for a 500 plant flower cycle grown in coco is costing me thousands .. or about what I would expect to sell 3 pounds of top shelf flower for at approx $2400 per pound.
TCOBAmy322 2 years ago
Well, I use General Hydroponics Nutrients, CoCo Coir/Perlite mix with a Drain to waste setup, But I run it back through over and over again, until I have a gallon left and then I feed my house plants outside. I then mix up another 3 gallon batch. Yes, I have had Great Grows, Please check them out, I have another video coming up later this month.
Twafoster 2 years ago
I would say that liquids have the advantage when it comes to dosage. Handling dosages in units of volume are far easier for most than dealing with units of mass.