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Post-op smoke sesh

Post-op smoke sesh

Published on November 19, 2020

Happy Thursday everybody! So it's the day after my finger surgery and I feel like crap but it is a beautiful day in Michigan. Just wanted to stop by and rip some bong tokes, and remind y'all that tomorrow at noon Eastern I am inviting you all to go live in my YouTube smoke sesh, you can find

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Category : Vlogmas
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GramJam 2 years ago
Thats too bad you remember that during your procedure. I know a lot of anesthesiologists who get off on shit like that. They give you the midazolam without preparing you, I find it highly inappropriate. There are of course a lot of great ones out there, but they like to play the ego trip or feed the "god" complex they have. They don't like me cause I call that shit out in front of all their nurses, who I know desperately want to say the same thing, and think very little of them behind their back. Oh well, hope your resting well, and don't feel pressured to be online - your hand will actually heal faster when you sleep more. (when your bones do most of their repair work is at rest..) Cheers!!!