Please Help Me Pick A New Strain

Please Help Me Pick A New Strain



Published on October 30, 2020

In this episode of our WeedTube Life ....

I have a new discount code for another seed run from my outreach contact at ILGM, thanks Jeremy!!! So in this video I'm asking for your help. Please help me select a new strain from the ILGM lineup. I'm looking for a heavy hitter, heavy yielder, tha

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ksbjj 10 months ago
i have a skywalker on the go..... its a MONSTER!!!!
stoner1 10 months ago
nice garden you have there,one day ill have the room to do a similar sized grow.on strains,i got some grape ape that was like having a grape/berry jolly rancher in your mouth. that was probably the fruitiest strain ive ever had keep growing and stay safe
Dripgoodies 10 months ago
Happy growing great setup
bluhousegrow 10 months ago
the garden looks great I been that's awesome that u have some one from ilgm following ur page happy growing and still have my fingers crossed u get approved soon
DLgrower 10 months ago
My favorite strain from ILGM is the Bergman Gold Leaf. Great functional high during the day. Smoke a little heavier in the evening for couch lock and great sleep. I wouldn't call the taste fruity, but smooth and herbal. The smell has differed every pheno I have tried, some piney and some pungent but so indulgent. She is a really heavy yielder also. Check out Newtestament's channel here on weedtube. All your ladies look awesome, keep up the hard work. Happy growing!
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