Pink Lemonade - Harvest

Pink Lemonade - Harvest



Published on April 18, 2021

Harvest Day !!

The Pink Lemonade is complete (second grow) Take a look and imagine the smell as you subcribe, like and comment on this video.

Another great grow, thanks for following along. I hope everyone is enjoying my content. Cheers!

Special thanks to:

Mars Hydro - tsw2000

Vivosun -Tent and

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CanadianMOMson 3 months ago
hugeeeee buds. this is an amazing video. u did great. cant wait for results video! use same desk area as last time. lighting was great there. also would love to see a jar dumped out and a closer look. keep killin it bro. so excited to see u grow the nxt 2
Thud 3 months ago
They look so tasty! Stretch that dry out as long as you can! At least 10 days before burp bags or jars. Congratulations on a sweet haul!
Highseeker 3 months ago
Looking at my previous Pink Lemonade harvest video....I did so much better this time! I am eager to weigh in. The buds are so much bigger and denser this time!
BobUnder 3 months ago
Great job very happy for you .....looks very yummy
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
Very nice buds man. Huge. That's extremely good for grow number two. I had to learn before the internet existed. I'm doing a seed giveaway on my channel. Just leave a number in the comments.
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