Photoperiod Cannabis Grow 4x8 - Weeks 1-4

Photoperiod Cannabis Grow 4x8 - Weeks 1-4



Published on February 23, 2021

**This video is intended for 21+ audience. If you are not 21+ please don't watch this!**

Hi everyone my name is Nick and welcome to my channel I'm Easy Growing! Don't forget to Like! Comment! And Subscribe! Be sure to turn on those bell notifications. I post videos every two weeks cov

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dopedev420 6 months ago
Thanks for letting us know what NOT to do LOL Great upload!
DLgrower 5 months ago
Great video! The great thing about growing Cannabis is there is no specific way. Everyone has their own grow style that works for them. Keep making mistakes and learn what's good for you. Keep it lit and Happy growing!
Opex 5 months ago
I suggest less watering (try to water 1 week at a time with this size bucket, and *almost* to runoff) and because you are in soil (not sure what type/ mix) I suggest you feed much less or never. Just upgrade bucket size by 1 gallon of new soil (fresh nutes included in most potting soils), then you never have to add the dreaded nutes (lockout/ burn tips/ kill plant).
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