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Petting The One Eyed Snake  || 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast

Petting The One Eyed Snake || 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast

Published on May 23, 2022
Welcome to Episode 34 of the 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast! MacDizzle and Joya dive into a new (to the podcast) Reddit tag - Today I Fucked Up. Tune in to this episode to find out why you should ALWAYS make sure your bluetooth is off from your phone before watching porn, Always knock before you enter your
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Category : Potcasts
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adel.delvalle 6 months ago
High friends, so I normally listen on Spotify and I especially love listening on the treadmill so can I please request the next episode is more high energy. love y'all :) can't wait to listen along next Monday
moongirl1125 6 months ago
I'd like to comment about my experience with reactive abuse personally,I was in a relationship with a man i fell in love with only to find out be has BPD and Schizophrenic tendencies.So he was on his medication when we first met..everythimg is all fine and forward a few months later when he moves in with me,at some point unbeknownst to me STOPS taking his meds,and i find out who he really is.i Love this man we stay together of course,cause im a stubborn bitch lol and he has a therapist and gets back on his meds etc..the problem is around 1 am when theres a period before his next dose ever kicks in where he is..delusional/paranoid and can become violent.Sorry and sobbing about what hes done once the meds kick in,but not in control of his emotions until then.When you love someone and REALLY LOVE them you TRY.And we did,for a little over a year,and the night I realized i couldnt live like this anymore was the night he locked me in the room with him and stood...
moongirl1125 6 months ago
in front of the door and wouldnt let me out no matter what i said or how much i begged until my fight flight or freeze kicked in and i REACTED and started throwing shit at him and when that didnt work i punched him in the face about 8 times and then he realized too that he broke me and he moved out of my way and started crying and apologizing ..that wasnt the end of that story per se..but thats when i realized he WAS MAKING ME LIKE HIM.He was making me be violent too.I've been physically abused my entire life and NEVER hit these people back.Now i do.i REACT accordingly to THEIR abuse and defend myself.