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Part2 BadGranny and Mtn.Mystic treats experimental , to high !!

Part2 BadGranny and Mtn.Mystic treats experimental , to high !!

Published on May 08, 2020
BadGranny and Mtn.Mystic make goodie treats with sun lemon.
Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis
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That looks interesting! I watched both videos and was trying to figure out what exactly you were trying to make!? LOL... I got it figured out now! I hope they helped out Mtn.Mystic! As always Much Love from the Great White North! Looking forward to your email about the strains you picked out to send to me and my clients! It sucks that the package was returned! But I have Three new BlackBerry Mouth out of the three beans I was sent and one of the BlueLemon out of the three beans that have both popped and now have sprouted in their starter pots from Wabbit! So that will keep me busy along with the BlueBerry and Crown Royale I already had going from Crop King Seeds! I am sure I will have my hands full with that for now! So not to worry if your not able to get that package back out soon! I am on four strain Pheno Hunt now! Providing I have some females in the mix from Wabbit! With only getting one BlueLemon out of the three seeds he sent my odds are down a bit on that strain lol! Duane.
Mtn.Mystic 2 years ago
Lol, I did take a nap but my back is finally able to let loose and relax. That pinched nerve got enough Ganja to heal! Yeah not a fail! First taste was so bad I almost couldn’t do that second one but it was not bad. I will keep those ones!!!!! Love yah sister!
Looks like fun BadGranny, have a great day!
Lpope 2 years ago
Damn! after the first video, I honestly thought the outcome would be.. well drowling !Lol.