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PARANOID CAR SESH - Vlogmas Day #4

PARANOID CAR SESH - Vlogmas Day #4

Published on December 06, 2018
Hey buds!

Thank you for watching yet another day of vlogmas! This is probably my favorite day so far - there were a lot of laughs and a lot of weed smoked. I ended up having a lil car sesh where dove into some paranoia with my home surveillance app. I really hope you enjoy this video! Thank you so mu

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Category : Vlogmas
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i had the Ring camera and app but it would send me the notifications of movement like 15-20 minutes after so i was like yeah returning this, anybody is going to be gone be the time i got the notification lol
jess 4 years ago
HAHAH mac omg go to the dentist!!!!! I hate going too but ITS IMPORTANT! weed helped me get over my phobia of the dentist frfr .... I love you and koala!!! always the dopest content <3
Omg I was cryyyying when you were taking a dab in the car and Koala was just staring you down.... and then again trying to suck up the bug ???
jenro643 4 years ago
I have a theory as to how people may have discovered weed lol Maybe they were trying to burn it to get rid of it and then got a contact high and were like oooh this shit is good!
luvrgurl14 3 years ago
Where did you get that Litty Titty hat?? ?