package  has come  twtgc

package has come twtgc



Published on June 10, 2021
just opening up and sharing a package I got from skeastcost
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Wabbit 4 days ago
hey buddy, right on you got some more genetics as well, send me your address man ([email protected]) i have some seeds for your too my friend, lol, as you saw i started his stuff your stuff and zoltrix stuff, gonna be a solid grow
base79 4 days ago
Hell yea bro. Sounds like some tasty strains. Love all the love in the weedtube community
SKEastCoast 4 days ago
Awesome you got it! DragonSlayer, RuntzxGelato, Orange Crunch Cake and GG4(from Newtestament) are regular. The In the OJKrush bag the 3 really dark seeds are feminized. The lighter colored ones are from the original batch and are regular. All of those strains are winners. They cover pretty much all the different types that people like. The OJKrush and the OCC are more of a daytime smoke. The rest are sleepy smoke. Make you go night night. Enjoy the smoke man.
wallace.pharma 3 days ago
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