OUTDOOR vs. INDOOR? How To Tell The Difference...

OUTDOOR vs. INDOOR? How To Tell The Difference...


Clone Imports

Published on September 12, 2021
Just some tips incase you didn't know

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A Love Waltz by Justnormal

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Infalung78 3 days ago
I first started growing in 1975 and it was Outdoors icrew that way for about 5 more years and then started growing indoors and grew indoors 4 several years and went back to Growing Outdoors the last time I grew what is 19 95 I just got back into the swing of things and I'm growing indoors now and I've been growing some buds that are 10 to 12 in Long and if I had more space they would have been longer I need to get a taller tent but all in all if it's grown right indoor or outdoor it doesn't matter it's all in the terpenes my buds are just as tight indoors as they are Outdoors and you're right some strains are darker Outdoors but not all of them interesting subject eh? catch you on the flip side! ✌
cannabis care 3 days ago
yeah I understand what you're talking about because I'm doing indoor with nutrients and outside I'm losing nature
cannabis care 3 days ago
it's a good experience is good to learn more stuff and learn to do more stuff without nutrients or chemicals it's better to go straight natural and it saves money
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