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Organic Cannabis Grow!!! Buds Looking Great!!!

Organic Cannabis Grow!!! Buds Looking Great!!!

Published on May 29, 2020

Welcome everyone to this weeks video. We hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. This is our cannabis grow documentary Grow420TV. We have several grow tents, Grow cabinets, and grow closets. All of our plants are for personal medical use, nothing is for sale. You will get to see us grow our canna

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Awww... my favorite part is getting to watch how well the lil nugament is doing with its fam and as always I enjoy your voice overs!!! I was super excited that you popped up on someoneโ€™s channel!!!
grow420tv 2 years ago
I want to thank everyone for 420 subscribers!
Looking really good man, nice work!
I came back to watch this video again cuz the video quality is off the hook!! Just wanted to let ya know that your video editing and transitions are getting way way better! I could see this being something on an actual tv show! Keep Up The Great Work James!!!
BadGranny 2 years ago
Garden is Amazing brother!! so excited for your new Goddess babies in the oven with bubba cookies, and your magic corner is NOT disappointing . as always sending you and your ohana big love from your big island Ohana!!

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